The Souks are the typical Arab markets organized in corporations, markets totally dedicated to the exchange of goods. The souk of Marrakech is one of the most characteristic.

The Souks of Marrakech are mainly concentrated in the square Jema’a al Fnaa, these are covered markets that develop through the numerous small streets and squares of the city, each area of the market is dedicated to a specific activity, so there are: Jewelery Market, the Leather Sellers Market, the Wool Vendors Market, the Calderai market, the Market of Dyers and so on.

The markets of Marrakech go as far as the Ben Youssef Mosque and its medersa, open to the public, consists of a large central courtyard, full of rooms, once occupied by young people who studied the Koran.

The building dates back to 1300 and was built at the behest of Sultan Abū al-Hasan, the building is rich in frescoes and decorations on cedar wood panels.